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tv   News  RT  January 18, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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turkey demands that the united states and its support for syrian kurds have a spat between the two countries over washington trained border forces. and prison guards at a large french prison that store to be a hotbed for islamic radicalization strike over unsafe work conditions. from the fancy bears hacking group has been obtained by our teeth raises concerns over how doping cases were handled during the rio olympics of twenty six.
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thanks for joining as you're watching r.t. international. washington is downplaying its support for the kurds that's amid threats from turkey of a military attack on kurdish positions inside syria anker is furious over what it sees as broken u.s. promises to stop backing serious kurds are seeing a regional correspondent rag as the as the latest turkey isn't kidding around day after day it is pulling more tanks and more missiles more troops to the syrian border this is the premise to a new war a war within the u.s. led coalition should. now america's acknowledged it's established an army of terror along our country's border it's up to us to drown this army of terror before it is born. one of the reasons is america's new army
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or border force which is what it was originally the u.s. led coalition told us in this letter that it was establishing a border security force an army of kurds that would patrol the border with turkey now that is preparing to invade the u.s. has done a one hundred eighty degree turn that entire situation has been isp or treat misdescribed some people misspoke we are not creating a border security force at all the story has changed it's not a new army or a border force it's thirty thousand troops that will be trained to prevent isis is return on paper for now and if turkey doesn't put a stop to it state department is now on overdrive you get the sense that they'll be bending over backwards for a valuable ally turkey is a very important value nato ally we have a lot of interactions with the turkish government as you probably know the foreign
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minister of turkey is in vancouver right now i where i believe he will be meeting or have some sort of a chat with secretary taylor sent or at least some of our representatives later today so an important nato ally let's not kid around by all appearances america doesn't want to leave syria victory or no rex tillerson all but said so himself and that is the tragic twist to expend so many lives so much time and money to defeat isis we need to set the stage for another war a war within the anti isis coalition. took explicit heiko in believes the growing discontent with american policies in turkey pushing closer to moscow. the u.s. administration right now is trying to lower the tensions but. you know in the fields what we're going to see is the continuation of the u.s. support for this entity is and the turkish administration would like to see the end
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the end the clear end of the american support to the kurdish people idea why p.g. and to basically to redesign the american foreign policy in syria i can tell you that there is a very increasing anti-americanism right now in turkey because of the american policies and this friction between the united states and turkey is basically pushing turkey towards more to russian arms. one of france's most notorious prisons has seen two hundred guards there go on strike over security concerns at the jail. following the strike almost one hundred twenty inmates refused to return to their
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cells the prisons reputed to be a hotbed of islamic extremism among the inmates there is. he was behind the deadly paris attacks of november two thousand and fifteen and it's not the first strike to hit a french prison this week with guards fearing for their safety across the country. today we've all come here for a strike because discontent is spreading across france a crucial problem is the security of prison personnel today for each god there are ninety inmates on top of that there's the issue of islamic radicals who are also kept in our jails and who are not isolated from other inmates. it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition. our work is very dangerous we're weak teams of aggression an insult we experience violence
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which is not taken into consideration by the government of us yet i don't like that it has become more and more difficult for us to act i've seen physical aggression towards my colleagues every day but it happens every time we open the cell doors supported. we denounce the working in decisions of our colleagues in the prison the security conditions the numerous acts of aggression against them we want salaries to be increased for those who face such risks at work as well as an increase in personnel and better security for french justice minister nicole bell obey met with a number of prison workers on tuesday she outlined a ten point plan to improve their working conditions among the points she highlighted more staff better equipment and the new director further discussion on the issue has also been shared jeweled for march. a new leak from the front see bears hacking group obtained by r.t. has raised questions about how doping cases were handled during the rio olympics of
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two thousand and sixteen earlier on nicky aron spoke about those revelations. so new leaks about the summer olympic games twenty sixteen and remember during before and after rio the russian doping scandal was all over the news and that was when the and higher russian track and field team stayed home because of the band's well one i.o.c. e-mail exchange that we however can not confirm is real was about therapeutic use exemptions or to you now correct me if i'm wrong but is that when athletes to use banned substances for medical purposes yes if you're an athlete and you're sick and this case you may get permission to use medicines from the list of prohibited substances in a sense that is illegal doping but that requires a certificate and judging by some of these unverified e-mails as many as forty four
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such certificates were given out right during the time of the olympics and most of them just days before the olympics were over that's where all the finals are happening but according to water rules the window between the time when the application is followed the next competition must be thirty days plus if we are to believe more of these on verified emails eight. from rio were never entered into the universe so anti-doping database that is interesting have we had of any consequences we don't know but i can tell you that among proved to be a real mess if it indeed happened during the rio games and we know that it is the most high profile sporting event ever the summer olympics and also another email that the fancy bears leaked was supposedly from
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a brazilian anti-doping professor about crucial flaws and the doping test bottles again it's an. verified e-mail to the manufacture of the bottles from the times right before the beginning of the real objects did it weird situation this happened the rio twenty sixteen berlinger bottles seem not all to be stand it did not fit the berling forcing them resulted in breakage of the cap and sometimes it can be used to close the able to look after our quoting e.g. photos you know just building i have a record of this kind of non-conformity so nikki opening the bottles could cause damage according to dr ratner if the e-mails are real but this is the point when i want to go back to all the russian winter olympic athletes that were banned the head of the winter olympic games in korea besides the testimonies and besides all the things that the main. whistleblower grigori watching of was saying
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the cornerstone element of the i.o.c. evidence or basically the only forensic evidence was the damage on the bottles or the scratches on the ones that were used in saatchi and the question i want to know that as to whether both was at the center of suspicion insult che produced by that same company yes they were produced by berger that was providing the anti-doping officials with equipment for as well however neither the mcclaren team nor the investigators they were appointed by the international olympic committee have ever shown us the visual results of their experiments and we were constantly told that the bottle technology is flawless but what if it isn't. twelve activists in the california city of el car horn may now face jail after they were caught trying to feed homeless people in
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a park according to current religious lation it's actually illegal to share food in public places. we're going to have you know we're. going to you know we are going to. do with a ban on public food sharing in oklahoma was introduced but you know last year it was as a precaution against an outbreak of infectious hepatitis a the penalty for breaking the law can be up to a thousand dollar fine or even a six month jail term. we talked to the activist to a coupon police they claim the legislation has the opposite effect of what it's meant to do the homeless people who were there were very things fall that we were standing up and they were very upset that the mayor in the city council members could pass such a heartless ordinance and none of those government officials come out to the park and talk to those people it really seems like this is part of the city of alcohol in the effort to criminalize homelessness they've already. made it against the law
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to panhandle to sleep on the sidewalk so this is really like the next step in trying to push the homeless out of their city and the big justification that they use was the have their outbreak in the in the eggo and they say all the parkers the parks are so contaminated with hepatitis a that we don't want the homeless people to catch and start trying to protect them but everybody else can still go and have a party at the park and share food with each other and they wrote that into the ordinance and that's what makes it discriminatory because it targets the whole situation it's everybody else is not magically immune from have to try to stay within the same space so clearly there are this is not about hepatitis a and the mayor has made comments in public session at the city council meetings where he has said we're trying to make the park less inviting to homeless people a recent report on human rights by the un the difficulties homeless people currently face in america.
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an average of seven to eight hundred people every single day. congress has reached an agreement on tax legislation that move deliver more higher wages and massive tax relief. since the recession we have not recovered the homeless homelessness has actually increased there's a problem with high property values air b.n. b. is buying up local properties and evicting the tenants the mayor of alcohol would like everyone to think homeless people are drug addicts and that is absolutely not
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the case we have a very high percentage of our homeless are veterans we have a high percentage of people who are working in this growing criminalization of people who are poor and powerless. really is also a bigger problem with mass incarceration that happens in our country where we have for profit prisons with companies making money off of jailing people. powerful winds up on tree in the netherlands at least three people have been killed and several more injured now this video gives you some idea of just how strong those winds people some with bikes even freight containers being blown over you can see here whether you did in the central part of the country this is where wind speeds reached up to one hundred forty kilometers an hour hundreds of flights and train journeys being canceled as a result. so to come this is preparing a brand new tool it alerts uses to the dangers of russian trolls. so coming up.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be absolutely. right to be close it's like them before three in the morning and people are.
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interested always in the lives of. their city. welcome back social media giants twitter facebook and you tube have again been grilled over alleged russian interference in the u.s. presidential election i'm assuming that none of you have any doubt that the russians meddled in our two thousand sixteen election and attacked our democracy any question. no it's only the latest u.s. senate hearing the three social media giants of taken part in this time around twitter also announced it was preparing a tool is to warn uses about russian trolls idea has already sparked concern though
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over just how trolls will actually be identified as daniel hawkins has taken a closer look. this time they've been grilled at a u.s. senate committee session about dealing with terrorist content and other dangerous materials a letter that i wrote calling these companies to individual inform all users who are exposed to false misleading and inflammatory post generated by russian agents we will be working to identify and inform individually the users who may have been exposed to the ira accounts during the election now facebook already enables users to check if they've been exposed to russian bots and trolls from an apparent russian troll factory named the internet research agency which so division and mistrust back in twenty sixteen furner if you buy the russian election meddling narrative but it doesn't stop there now it seems twitter is going down the same
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road we don't yet know the full details of how this will work but in a hidden recording i look up a journalist group project veritas allegedly discovered how exactly twitter picked out other apparent bots. it's a good read. just look at what you. guys. look really. good. for sure but we have requested comment from twitter can they confirm that the top aimed at tackling and identifying these kremlin trolls is one hundred percent effective what he's supposed to do in the case of a mistake or the company has previously stated people in similar recordings didn't represent official views project veritas of course themselves have in the past been
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at the center of controversy as a result of their methods for tackling bots is all well and good but what about todd. opinions that are controversial unsavory or unfavorable nineteen eighty-four anyone. knows that it. so next time you're browsing social media and come across material let's may go against the grain don't over think things the platform itself will give you a heads up what to believe or not we spoke to adam gary an independent political commentator who says that twitter could face legal action if it misidentifies accounts as bots or trolls. they're a big company and if they try to defame small individuals well the world class
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action lawsuit means something in the united states where most of this is going on so this is something the twitter needs to be very careful about this do they really want to expose themselves to these kinds of claims just to make their friends and congress happy about an election that's well over a year old at this point it's really ridiculous and if the lawsuits start to come in and of people's pockets start to be crunched then i think we'll see possibly a slightly more rational reaction how stupid do twitter really think the members of the public are that we need to be warned about this as though it was something that actually matters like credit card fraud or allegations of trading obscene images online this is just an exchange of opinions and by barking up the tree of trying to expose the source it's really just trying to talk down to people as if they're not intelligent enough to make an informed decision based on a variety of opinions that they come across online from a number of different sources in every country on earth just about. to its full and
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might not be part of the e.u. but it is moving once that closer to staging its own version of bragg's it the swiss people's party or s.p.p. as we see permission to collect signatures in support of a referendum is to end the country's free movement agreement with the european bloc it could see switzerland take back full control over immigration matters at the moment open border policy is allow each you citizens to live and work freely in switzerland and vice versa yes v.p. has until july next year to collect one hundred thousand signatures if successful the proposal will be considered by the government and parliament in then before being put to the vote co-president of the youth wing of the s.v.p. is convinced that the public would vote in favor of stopping free movement. we are the biggest party in switzerland we are the strongest party and we have made a lot of initiatives and in two thousand and fourteen this was people's party and
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has launched that initiative against mass immigration so why shouldn't it work a second time and i'm sure this race people will won't vote for that initiative that we can stop that free movement to deal with the european union in the two thousand and fourteen referendum there was indeed overwhelming support to curb immigration from the bus in the end quotas were never imposed by parliament instead he's agreed on a solution to give unemployed domestic workers preference over eighteen nationals who are seeking jobs in switzerland is fair again he believes the amount of new arrivals is unsustainable but we have got massive problems with mass migration and we want to stop that we had a migration at the early to switzerland for it with about eight hundred thousand persons that's really a threat to our democracy which will end always wants to remain remain independent neutral and free and then the parliament and the government of switzerland had to
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tie him to implement that initiative but they didn't and implement that initiative from two thousand and fourteen because they maybe are scared after reaction of the european union so i think it is really a big problem because we have got all those left wing politicians in our parliament and the government and that's the reason why that initiative against mass immigration couldn't be implemented. after weeks of anticipation donald trump has announced the winners of his so-called fake news awards no interest was so high the website containing the results crashed in the first few minutes. information that was false and fake and never happened get released to the public i'm against the people that make up a story i'm not going to give you a question you speak out or you are shaky do. nothing
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gives you more credibility than donald trump calling you a liar and i of course don't want to get why i think all special effects team are made to look like the president or a paper towels or water oh wow. thanks
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staying with us hope you enjoyed the back with the latest in half an hour. on the stand here from of. our all over them white house.
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i know that i know are right for the for there are rather democrats that are on the floor for them to get it out. i'm going to let them but i don't question then you. can keep an eye on what i don't lose a channel for truffle that it. won't work and i'm all in on the show but also i don't. mind. them but certainly on the hey fun of doing. good the toll for bush choice for gun the i knew where you're from and i think tom in theory has said. is she ought to give up someone else for the name after the whole front on the mr hates it for jim and then boy i hope that our family for.
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the money. i think what it was meets coincidence and coincidence he spaced on on coming i strongly believe that. the path he placed to be united states has been. there in creating that tool based system. i'm afraid that's. true if forwards and especially language person from past been using and i'm not that confident that the contribution of the united states to that school based system is as relevant as the speech. for my guide to financial survival this. device used by professional scallywags money. that's right these funds are simply not accountable . to the. totally stabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself
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and get insured. readings it was now you take should. not incredible stupendous stallworth resistance movement in the united states congress to counter president donald trump because of gender continued yesterday that senate democrats voted past filibuster efforts by sen rand paul to move close third through extending the controversial foreign and domestic surveillance powers granted inspections up in zero two of the foreign intelligence surveillance act or as we lovingly call it buys up eighteen percent of democrats including senators square mccaskill dianne feinstein and renowned from john blake have now joined fifty five fellow democrats in the house
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of representatives to the. sickly hand rather than donald j. trump an attorney general jeff sessions of the keys to the super fast surveillance super car that is section seven o two i guess when the national security state is on the line hash tag resistance quickly becomes hashtag assistance yes that bad and it's this kind of failure of governments to properly protected and act in their citizens best interests that help spur larry think the founder and chief executive of the six trillion dollar investment firm blackrock to levy an unprecedented ultimatum to wall street tuesday . he basically says help make society better or else in the letter think rights since the financial crisis those with capital have reaped enormous benefits society is demanding that companies both public and private serve a social purpose companies must benefit all their stakeholders including shareholders employees customers and the communities in which they operate today
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our clients who are your company's owners are asking you to demonstrate the leadership and clarity that will drive not only their own investment returns but also the prosperity and security of their fellow citizens. i'm sorry but i i believe i believe i just i just read a modern titan of corporate capitalism i think may have just blinked demanding benefits for everyone not just shareholders demanding diversity and better retirement for workers serving a social purpose not just a financial one could this really be the awakening of a new hash tag woke wall street. let's find out as we start watching the hawks. if you want to deal with.